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Building Your Vision
At MRINetwork™ LBJ Park, everyday we are helping our clients build the heart of their business by focusing our efforts on locating and placing the Impact Player, those individuals who give back disproportionate value to their employers. You know the kind, the ones who do their job and then some. They bring more than skill, they bring energy and passion, and their effort doesn't end just because the day has.

As part of one of the world’s largest recruiting and placement organization, MRINetwork™ LBJ Park specializes in Civil & Structural Engineering and Surveying, and partners with over 1,100 offices worldwide and utilizes the network’s proprietary approach Accelerated Recruitment approach to find the key individual who can make a positive impact on an entire team.

 Typical Specialities we Recruit 

  1. Land Development
    Land Development
  2. Water Resources
    Water Resources
  3. Bridge and Highways
    Bridge and Highways
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